Letter to My “Older” Self

I penned this letter to my younger self back on May 2, 2014, coincidentally exactly one month before my wedding on May 2, 2015. Just as I had no idea at the time what was lying ahead, there was also no way for me to know that this letter would speak more to my “older” self than my younger self so many years later. I hope that as you read this letter to my “older” self you will also glean some wisdom from young Alex and use it to encourage you along your unique path.

Hey Girl!

letter to my old self

I hope that you know how smart, strong, and brave you are.  By the age of 30 you will have experienced more than most people experience in a lifetime. 

Treasure these experiences and use them as life lessons. Instead of focusing on all of the trials that you’ve had to overcome, just be thankful for the experience. 

Appreciate the freedom that you have to live, travel and experience all that the world has to offer and understand that this freedom may not last always.

Learn to stop being so hard on yourself.  It’s great to set goals for yourself but be sure that they are not unattainable.  Just to be clear, being perfect at everything is an unattainable goal! 

Always allow room for making mistakes, mistakes are usually your best teacher.  What you should know about yourself is that every time you fall you always get back up stronger and smarter than before.

Don’t ever think that you are alone. Even when it feels like no one is in your corner you have to learn to rely on the power of God. 

As you have gotten older and experienced so many disappointments it has become very hard for you to trust. You have to know that if you can’t trust or believe in anyone else you can always trust in God.

Finally, you have to relax.  The sooner you learn to accept yourself just as you are the happier you will be.  Then it will become much easier for you to accept others as they are as well. 

If you can find that acceptance for yourself and others then “going with the flow” won’t seem like such a difficult task and you will finally begin to enjoy yourself in this enigmatic thing called life.

So trust in God, be kind to yourself, relax and enjoy the ride!

Love Always,


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