Back to Me in 2023

We’re all too familiar with the term, “New Year, New Me”.  However, I’m sure that the term has a different meaning to everyone who uses it.  As the end of 2022 quickly approached, I began to reflect on my goals and priorities for the new year and tried to determine if a “new me” was in fact what I truly desired.  

The thing is, 2022 wasn’t so bad, especially compared to the previous 2 years that were filled with isolation, sickness, and loss.  So at the start of 2023, I was looking forward to continuing on my path to living well and enjoying the ride along the way, even with all the bumps and detours that are sure to take place.  While I began the year excited about what’s to come, there were a few things I was looking to let go of in order to get to the promises on the horizon.  At the same time, there were also some things I was hoping to return to in order to reignite that spark within me that I treasured before becoming a wife and a mom.

So, how do I plan to get back to me in 2023?

I’m so glad you asked!  Check out my list below of things I plan to embrace and things I hope to release during this new year:

Things to Release

  • Perfectionism
  • The belief that in order for things to be done right I must do them myself
  • Being overly critical of myself
  • Seeking approval from others
  • Mom Guilt

Things to Embrace

  • Accepting people and things just as they are
  • Asking for help and delegating tasks
  • Telling myself I’m beautiful and believing it
  • Caring for myself and not feeling like I owe anyone an explanation for doing so
  • Rediscovering my gifts and passions outside of being a wife and a mom

Is there anything on my list that resonates with you? What are you looking forward to letting go and embracing this new year?

– Alex

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  1. I absolutely love this….Back to me in 2023! I have to release the thoughts that if I want something done right, I must do it myself! Reflecting back, I realize how much stress I put on myself and it is so important to understand that it is OK to ask for help and delegate tasks because the truth is that even though we are “super moms” and wear our “capes”…. We need help also! I will take it upon myself to also take time out even if it’s just a couple of minutes in a day to take a brief walk, sit by myself or just meditate on His Word to help me center things back and refocus!

    1. Hi Kerry! Thank you so much for offering this amazing feedback. You are so right, even though we want to do it all we simply cannot. I agree that letting go of perfectionism and asking for help is vital to our overall well-being as moms and wives. Thanks for joining our community, I hope you continue to be encouraged and inspired by our content and enjoy being a part of this awesome group of moms and wives.

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