Mommy Magic…My Little Secret


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Ever since my oldest daughter was a baby, she marveled at the mystical powers of “Mommy”. I was the one who always seemed to have everything she needed, right when she needed it. While it’s quite a high standard to live up to daily, I find joy in sharing my secret “Mommy Magic.” It’s like a having a super power that enables me to do things only mommies can do.

Discovering the strength and energy to keep our households running smoothly can indeed feel magical at times. However, I must admit that I don’t do it alone. I rely on the support of my mommy friends and favorite mom blogs to help me along the way. Today, I’m excited to share five of my favorite “Mommy Magic” mom hacks. Using these mom hacks not only contributes to a harmonious home but they also help to preserve my sanity.

My Personal Mommy Hacks

  • Prep school lunches and/or snacks the night before
    Spare yourself the morning rush by preparing school meals the night before. As someone who isn’t naturally a morning person, I learned the value of this hack during my own working days. Investing a little time in prepping the night before pays off by saving precious minutes in the morning. I also love to pack lunches and snacks in this kid friendly bento box to make it even easier to just grab and go.
  • Prep school clothes in advance
    Streamline your mornings by using a hanging closet organizer to plan outfits for the entire week. This simple “Mommy Magic” hack allows my oldest daughter to dress herself with minimal assistance, while my husband and I focus on breakfast and getting my baby girl dressed. With breakfast finished and our morning routine complete, we’re all set to head out for school, achieving it all in an hour or less.
  • Plan dinner for the week and buy groceries in advance
    While I’m still refining this practice, committing to planning dinners in advance brings so much relief from the stress and anxiety of last-minute meal decisions. Often, I reach out to my mommy friends for menu ideas, refreshing my repertoire with new recipes alongside family favorites. One Crockpot meal, one trusted recipe, and one adventurous dish per week strike the perfect balance between trying something new and satisfying the tastes of the whole family.
  • Keep organizing bins and/or decorative baskets in every room
    Experience the game-changing power this simple “Mommy Magic” hack. Keeping organizing bins and decorative baskets in every room helps to eliminate clutter in just a few minutes. These invaluable tools help to store items or toys of all sizes, ensuring a tidier and more peaceful environment for the entire family.
  • Keep grocery staples in stock to prepare a quick meal when needed
    Maintaining a stock of essential groceries allows for effortless meal preparation when time is tight. Some of my favorite staples include frozen breakfast sandwiches and waffles, turkey sausage, and bacon for breakfast. Additionally, I rely on frozen chicken breasts and fish, brown and jasmine rice, kid-friendly frozen vegetables like broccoli and corn, and a variety of frozen stir-fry veggies. Let’s not forget taco kits, frozen chicken nuggets, and French fries – who needs fast food when you can work a little “Mommy Magic” at home?

Unlocking the secrets of “Mommy Magic” has been a game-changer for maintaining a happy and peaceful home. By implementing these five tried-and-true hacks, you can make each day a little easier for both you and your children. Embrace the power of “Mommy Magic” and experience the joy it brings to your journey of motherhood.

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