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Explore how we can empower your journey to wellness through strategic planning, speaking engagements, and consulting services. Learn more about our mission and how we can collaborate to achieve your mental wellness goals.


The mission of Mom, Wife, Worship Life is to provide simple, effective tools for moms and wives to excel in their mental health and marriages. We focus on practical strategies for delegation, stress management, and personalized self-care, helping women achieve balance and spiritual strength in their journey through motherhood and marriage.

Meet Alexandria

I’m Alexandria, my journey as a Women’s Wellness Advocate and Educator has been defined by my deep commitment to empowering moms and wives. Through ‘Mom, Wife, Worship Life,’ I’ve made it my mission to share the lessons I’ve learned from my own experiences, including those with mental wellness. 

As a wife and mom of two, I understand the trials and triumphs of balancing family, marriage, and personal well-being. This journey has shaped my passion for helping other women find holistic wellness, emotional balance, and spiritual strength.

By nurturing these aspects, I aim to transform lives – guiding other women from merely surviving to thriving. My purpose is to inspire, uplift, educate and advocate, making sure every mom and wife can find the joy, balance, and fulfillment they deserve.

Discover more about my mission and let’s join hands in the pursuit of thriving together.

How Can We Serve You?

Empowered Wellness Hour: Personalized Guidance for Moms & Wives

Struggling to balance the demands of motherhood and marriage? The Empowered Wellness Hour is your opportunity for tailored guidance in a one-on-one, 60-minute virtual session. Address your most pressing concerns about family life, personal well-being, and mental health, and receive personalized advice on creating a collaborative care team for additional support. This session is a step towards mastering your roles with confidence and purpose, offering practical strategies for a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Book now to start your journey towards a more empowered and harmonious life.

Women’s Wellness Consulting & Outreach

Enhance your organization’s impact with my focused speaking and consulting services. Specializing in motherhood, marriage, and mental wellness, I bring valuable strategies and insights to women in varied roles, from professionals to homemakers. My collaboration extends to mental health experts and wellness groups for workshops, media interviews, and public speaking engagements. Together, we can empower women to thrive in every aspect of their lives.

Explore how we can transform women’s well-being in your community. Click for details on our collaborative services.

How Can We Serve You?

Strategic Planning for Busy, Burnt Out Moms & Wives

Elevate your life with a personalized roadmap covering several topics ranging from time management to marital health. Improve your overall well-being, including enhanced self-awareness and emotional stability. Plus, unlock strategies for positive family impact, from nurturing relationships to self-care.

Speaking and Consulting Services – Through speaking, panel discussions, and workshop facilitation, I equip women with strategies to achieve balance and thrive in motherhood, marriage, and mental wellness.