Affirmations for Mindful Moms and Wives

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Discover daily inspiration with these beautifully designed 3 in. x 5 in. positive affirmation cards for mindful moms and wives. Born from a journey of healing and faith, each card is rooted in meaningful scriptures, offering strength and encouragement for the challenges of motherhood, marriage, and mental wellness. Embrace these affirmations as your daily guide to mental wellness and joyful resilience.


Created in a time of personal adversity, “Affirmations for Mindful Moms and Wives” are not just words, but a lifeline of hope and empowerment. These affirmations, rooted in 27 powerful scriptures dealing with the mind, served as my guiding light through a period of deep depression following a miscarriage and the challenges of conceiving again. They are uniquely designed to resonate with moms and wives facing similar challenges, offering solace and strength in their journey. 

Let these cards be your daily companion, a source of empowerment in your role as a mom and wife. Each affirmation is a step towards embracing your strength, nurturing your mental wellness, and finding joy in the intricacies of life and love. 

2 reviews for Affirmations for Mindful Moms and Wives

  1. PeTika Tave

    Beautifully made and wonderfully written. These cards will keep everyone looking for the good and setting positive intentions for their day. Definitely a wonderful addition to your daily routine.

    • Alexandria Smith

      Thanks so much for your review. We’re so glad that you are enjoying your cards and you find them useful in your everyday routine.

  2. Tee Mccoy

    I am absolutely loving my cards, I read them daily and they are super helpful in keeping me in my Bible. As a new reader sometimes I have a hard time trying to figure out what scriptures to read but these cards help with guiding me on what to read next. They’re a great addition to helping me navigate my new walk with Christ!

    • Alexandria Smith

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. It’s a blessing to know that you find the cards helpful as you begin your journey to grow closer to God. May His word continue to be a lamp unto your feet, and a light unto your path.

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